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Join the Coalition and get yourself on the Upside email list. Just send your name, email address, and anything else you want to contribute to:

When you sign up to get hooked up, you'll get info about shows and special stuff only available for Coalition friends.

Be sure to put "upside" in the subject line, for best results.

For questions or comments about UGC you can send an email to:


If you're a club owner, festival organizer, university programmer, event planner, or anyone else wanting to throw large amounts of cash at us to play your event, we want to hear from you.
Send your contact info and a description of the event to:

Please put the word "bookings" in the subject line to avoid spam filtering.

Click here for a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file of UGC's bio.

Click here for a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file of UGC's songlist.

Click here to download a
hi-resolution (1800x1200)
band photo in tiff format.

"UGC mixes the best elements of funk, rock, and old-school R&B, and turns them into fresh, rump-shakin' music."





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